Another Orange Inspiration.

Every other morning I put the “Good Morning” video on youtube  from the “Singing in the Rain” for Syliva and then I usually click around  wherever  youtube takes me.  Sylvia seems to be pretty interested.  Today I ended up with the Barbara Streisand’s  “Don’t Rain on my Parade”  and couldn’t help noticing yet another orange inspiration. And just  how well it looks with mink.

I thought that this scene from the “Funny Girl” had a similar vibe with the  “Show Me” number from my “Fair Lady.”   And then watching them one after another made  me pay attention how in both scenes these ladies are breaking away from something; they are represented as fighters.  It looks as if the orange is brought in to  emphasize their wilderness and conquering moods.   Don’t you think so?

Also from what I understand  this icy, pale salmon color that Audrey is wearing  would be considered extremely bold for the Edwardian times she lives in.

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4 Responses to Another Orange Inspiration.

  1. Malica Dee says:

    You’ve wrote about mink and indeed it looks great. But there is one more thing with which that orange from first video looks great: the ship. It’s color provides an excellent background for Barbara and her orange-and-mink outfit.

  2. Natalie Laurel says:

    I thought of it too and meant to mention that it has the same background; just like the blue interior in the previous posting for Jean Simmon’s orange coat and dress, but then forgot to mention. Great catch!

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