Dressing up for Opera Nights.

This Saturday I  I went to the fundraiser event  for the San Francisco Opera Academy,  an opera  school  founded by my fellow Russian (or rather an FSU citizen),  Yefim Maizel. His students were performing at my friends house.

Duetto Buffo di Due Gatti. Rossini


Being a person I am, big on technicalities of all things beautiful the most pleasure for me  was watching Yefim  coaching his students en vivo.  His mouth shut, arms tightly crossed Yefim was  ‘singing’  along  with his students on the stage.  Spotting the imperfection, he took a cheetah like leap into the ‘ stage’ , stopped the singer and led him through re-doing the gesture, re-working  the mimics, re-singing  the  singing.   To me this master class open for the public   is a separate form of art.  Not any less than  opera itself.

Better yet,  just on Thursday I was at the Magic Flute in San Francisco Opera house.

Had a chance to  get backstage  minutes before the curtain went up.

For about a week    I was contemplating on how to distribute my outfits between the events.    At my disposal was  a Lela Rose dark blue dress with the beaded neckline and a Talbot Runhof  taffeta skirt I pair with the crisp white shirt   Sharon-Stone-Oscar-1998-style.

In all honesty  my choice was predetermined as  I wore this  “Sharon-Stone-Oscar-98” look to another opera event at the same house, just a month before.  I enjoyed it, but don’t think it played to its full  capacity.  Palo Alto did not seem to have enough edge for this nonchalance.     It  certainly needed  a more eclectic surrounding, a  big city and a large venue.  San Francisco Opera House was a do. I threw Alex’s jacket on to protect myself  from the San Francisco chills.

Instead the Lela Rose dress  would be too classic in San Francisco. In  a boring way.  This dress makes you such a  marriage material, one should  wear it  for the  first date or fishing for one.  Anyone looking to marry well soon  should own a Lela Rose dress or two.  It   screams ‘credibility’, ‘security”,  “integrity.”   Nothing wrong about it, only unimpressive for the  night out in San Francisco.  Makes me think of Tina Fey in “Date Night.”  But a fundraiser in  Palo Alto  indeed.

The morning before the event I still could not get excited about the dress. Till  I realized that the veiled hat, brought from Venice in 2008  would  be a good whimsical touch for this classic number.

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